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Get Deals for Free (or Nearly) with #Groupon!

I love Groupon!!!  If you are not familiar with the site, they offer great deals, some one day, some a few days long, some for just the lucky number who click on “get the deal” first. They offer deals on restaurants, big box stores like Old Navy (I just used my Groupon to get $20 of free* clothes for my son), spa and beauty services, travel…you name it, there will be a deal available soon.  I love Groupon because they basically pay you to buy their deals. After the initial bonus you get for signing up, you will occasionally be offered Groupon Bucks to use within a week or so for any deal you want. I have gotten a number of deals for free because I used my Groupon Bucks from a special email promotion towards a purchase, as I mentioned I got my Old Navy deal for free because I had some Bucks to spend.

How would you like to win $150 in free Groupon Bucks to spend on your favorite deals? There’s a giveaway you can’t miss at The Giveaway Gal.


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