Double stroller giveaway

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I just found out there’s a giveaway for this amazing double stroller from Kinderwagon.  It’s run by The Baby Guy Gear Guide, a fun baby gear expert blog.  This stroller, called the Kinderwagon Hop, has your wee ones sitting in a staggered, stair-like combination.  The child behind can actually see over the one in front!  This is a new concept in double strollers.  I think it’s about time!  Why should one child have to spend the stroll staring into his sibling’s butt/back/head?  Now your children will fight to see who gets to ride in the top seat 🙂

About Christine

A Guyanese girl who moved to America then met a Swedish man in New Mexico, of all places. They live in Sweden then move back to the United States and get married. Now there is a little Swedenese toddling around keeping them moving still.

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