Do All-natural mamas dye their hair?

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I have never had any interest in dyeing my hair because (1) it’s time consuming, (2) it’s money consuming, and (3) it’s full of chemicals!  Oh yes, and once you start you can never stop.  Never.

I have been visiting a lot of baby-wearing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering or what I would call : All-Natural mama blogs.  I have noticed that none of these women, some blond, some brunette, have gray hair…at least not in the pictures they have posted.  This made me wonder if they dye their hair, them being all natural and all. Just for the chemicals along I would think they don’t.  I am a semi-natural mama of one with a growing mane of gray hairs.  I do not like it but I will not dye it.  You can never stop. Just ask my over 60 mom with all black hair and my Grand mom with all black hair.  I just don’t understand it.

Finally, it is most definitely not natural or green to wash those dyes out of your hair and into the water system.  Not at all.  Just a bit of advice to anyone out there considering starting the dyeing habit.  Don’t even get me started on what the dye and other “health and beauty” chemicals do to your body….

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A Guyanese girl who moved to America then met a Swedish man in New Mexico, of all places. They live in Sweden then move back to the United States and get married. Now there is a little Swedenese toddling around keeping them moving still.

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