The internet really does bring people together

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Who would have thought; the internet really does bring people together.  Recently I came across a mommy blog whose short introduction relayed something close to my heart: a woman with a biracial toddler boy.  I totally felt connected without knowing anything else. I found this blog for a sweepstakes, which I am crazy into these days.  Later, while on Twitter, I spotted a tweet from her containing the hashtag #guyana.  I was flabbergasted!!  OMG I immediately replied to her.  She was just as excited as I was to find another Guyanese mom.  I very excited to learn more about her experiences.  You can find her yourself at The Mommy Factor.

About Christine

A Guyanese girl who moved to America then met a Swedish man in New Mexico, of all places. They live in Sweden then move back to the United States and get married. Now there is a little Swedenese toddling around keeping them moving still.

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