This is why we argue…

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I come downstairs after putting the baby to bed to find this: open pot of food (for the baby, of course) pushed in the corner of the stove as Husband tries to open the plastic bag and retrieve the raw, whole chicken from it…six inches away! Should you use some common sense and either cover the pan or move it away from the raw chicken area? No.  All that mattered was making some space on the stove so that a roasting pan could be placed there for the chicken.  Yes, quick and easy solution: just push whatever is in the way to the side; don’t even think about contaminating your baby’s food with raw chicken bacteria, etc.  That’s my husband.  Never a second thought.  Barely a first thought.

About Christine

A Guyanese girl who moved to America then met a Swedish man in New Mexico, of all places. They live in Sweden then move back to the United States and get married. Now there is a little Swedenese toddling around keeping them moving still.

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